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I am psychologist (CRP 1818), since 1974 ( Catolic university São Paulo) I work in private practice with adults, teens and couples.

My approach to psychotherapy is eclectic, not one model that fits all. Customers are not equal, so you need a variety of approaches to cover different people.

In short I practice a form of psychodynamic psychotherapy, with clear influence of Psychoanalysis ( What is psychoanalysis? ) and Psychodrama (What is Psychodrama?). I am also a researcher and writer, very interested in the new advances in neurobiology and influence of children’s defense patterns in adulthood.

In this blog you will have access to my books, articles, lectures and research. Good trip through it!

• 1975- bachelor in Clinical Educational and Labor Psychology, by Catholic University of São Paulo, Brazil.

• 1983-Psychoanalyst by Sedes Sapientiae Institute of São Paulo -Brazil.

• 1984 – Psychodramatist by Moreno Institute of Buenos Aires- Argentina.

• 1991 – Psychodramatist by Psychodramatic Society of São Paulo-Brazil (SOPSP)

• 2001- Moreno a Man Ahead of his Time- Editora Ágora, SP

• 2007- Emotional Survival: childhood wounds revived in the adult drama, Lulu publisher.

• 2007- Bipersonal Psychodrama: Its techniques, therapists, and clients”, Lulu publisher.

• 2007- Words of Jacob Levi Moreno Quotes Vocabulary Sociatry: Psychodrama, Group Psychotherapy and Sociometry Lulu publisher.

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