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Clinical supervision can be performed in groups, individually, in pairs, weekly or biweekly. The groups have 6 participants and the price is 40 US# per person. If fewer people the price time (150 US$ ) is divided by the number of students. .

Supervision gives priority to the psychodynamic aspects of the case as well as the action and role-playing strategies. The aim is to identify the old wounds and dysfunctional and to build new functional answers to old and recent wounds.



The individual psychotherapy sessions will last one hour and are available for individuals and couples. Any virtual sessions can be combined, according to convenience.

Rosa Cukier is Psychologist (PUC-SP, 1975); Psychoanalyst (Sedes Sapientie, 1983) and is a Psychodramatist, Student Therapist, Supervisor by Psychodramatic Society of São Paulo (1984). She is the author of three books: Bipersonal Psychodrama: Its techniques, therapists, and clients”, Lulu publisher, 2007; Emotional Survival- childhood wounds revived in the adult drama, Lulu publisher, 2007; Words of Jacob Levi Moreno Quotes Vocabulary Sociatry: Psychodrama, Group Psychotherapy and Sociometry Lulu publisher, 2007.

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