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Blog English  brings together  Rosa Cukier’s articles, short videos and links of interest to mental health professionals and people in general. Topics include: Envy & Jealousy ; Good and Bad Envy, Sexual abuse; codependency; questions about group therapy, narcissistic and borderline personality disorders, emotional abuse, physical abuse, social abuse, additions, updates in neuroscience, racial discrimination, marital therapy, ethnic conflicts, personal and marital relationship problems, etc.

Rosa Cukier is a psychologist, (CRP 1818), formed in 1974 from PUC São Paulo. She works in private practice, attending adults, teens and couples.

Her theoretical approach is eclectic, a kind of  psychodynamic method of psychotherapy, with clear influence of Psychoanalysis (What is Psychoanalysis ) and Psychodrama ( What is Psychodrama ). She is also a researcher and writer, very interested in the new advances in neurobiology and the influence of children’s defense patterns in adulthood.

In this blog you will have access to her books, articles, lectures and research. Good trip through it!



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