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Checkout is the part ROSA CUKIER’s site, where people can by her books and e-learning classes. Unfortunately the classes are only in Portuguese , but the books can be bought on Amazon, directly from the site.


She has 3 books:


  • Bypersonal Psychodrama: its techniques, therapists, and clients;
  • Emotional Survival: childhood pain relived in the drama of adult life.
  • The words of Jacob Levy Moreno: vocabulary of quotations from psychodrama, group psychotherapy, sociodrama and sociometry.


The e learning is organized with Articulate Presenter Software where students can follow the slides and listen to the theoretical and practical exposure. The courses are of different lengths, from one to two hours and a half of duration. The following courses are offered:


  • Psychodrama with regressive scenes.
  • Child abuse and domestic violence.
  • Psychodrama of additions: the struggle between the true self and the addictive part.
  • I hate you, please do not leave me: the borderline patient and psychodrama.
  • The Psychodrama of Humanity, utopia will be?
  • Help your client to dramatize.
  • Professional abuse.
  • Bypersonal Psychodrama: its techniques, therapists, and clients;
  • Psycossociodrama of Envy: cast the first stone if you can!



Checkout is were you finally pay and get your buyings.